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5 Tips For Covering CEO President Donald Trump

Donald Trump caused upheaval among political journalists during the 2016 campaign. Now, he’s about to do the same as a CEO president. It’s clear that Trump is going to run the White House in a way that will be unusual, compared with past presidents. However, the types of stories he’s going to generate will be very familiar to reporters used to covering chief executives. This week, I’m offering five stories with tips for covering CEO President Trump. Hopefully, they’ll be helpful to people who’ve never covered business, and provide some guidance for people trying to figure out his presidential behavior. He thinks big. Many presidents have used rhetoric to express their goals for the country, and Trump is no exception. He already knew the power of a catchphrase from his appearances on The Apprentice, where he turned “You’re fired!” into the denouement of every show. During the campaign, Trump was known for declaring “build a wall” in speaking of immigration policy. His followers often chanted, “lock her up” about his opponent, Hillary Clinton, although Trump himself has since backed away from that idea. And of course, there’s “Make America Great Again” which has appeared on hats, posters and led to the hashtag #MAGA.


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