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Aadhaar-enabled cash machines at ration shops

Hyderabad: The State government has proposed to deploy cash withdrawal machines, which will be ‘Aadhaar enabled biometric devices’ at fair price shops across the State. Similar to micro ATMs biometric mechanism linked to Aadhaar will help resolve issues stemming from the demonetisation of high-value bank notes. According to senior officials of Civil Supplies Department, these devices are being developed to complement the current mechanism of Public Distribution System (PDS) at most of the fair price shops, both urban as well as rural areas. The locals can reach out to the nearest outlet for availing the facility. The precondition will be bank account should be linked to Aadhaar. Through thumb impression also known as biometric payments mechanism, the transaction will be made. Given the problem arising out of the lack of internet connection, the department officials feel that wherever there is no network the device will be enabled to work offline. “All the transactions saved in the device can be uploaded later,” said a higher official. The decision was taken after series of meeting with bank officials, who have agreed to provide such a service at fair price shops. Currently, the process being under consideration and tenders have been called for developing the devices. The department is currently zeroing in on the number of outlets in the State, which can be upgraded to adopt such services. After the State government launched the process of ‘cashless’ transactions in PDS, the department roped in all the stakeholders including bankers, fair price shop dealers and consumer groups for implementing the scheme. However, working on the feasibility of cashless during the meetings with bankers, the department officials stumbled upon the idea of transforming the fair price shops into ‘cash withdrawal outlets.’ “Given the fact that most of the beneficiaries are from poor background, it has been also discussed as to how many of them actually have bank accounts, for making this scheme a reality,” added the official.


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