Posted On November 14, 2016 By In Technology And 944 Views

Apple could be planning its BIGGEST iPad yet

Apple could be set to spring a major surprise with the return of the iPad. The company’s tablet device has been somewhat neglected recently as Apple focuses on its smartphone and MacBook offerings, but this could all be about to change. Reports have claimed that Apple is now planning to relaunch the iPad Pro – in its most incredible build yet. Barclays Research analysts speaking to MacRumours have claimed that Apple is preparing to launch no less than three new iPad Pro models. Quoting sources apparently from within Apple’s supply chain, the analysts claim that the new release will include the biggest iPad yet, sporting a 12.9 inch display. This will be joined by a basic iPad Pro model with a 9.7 inch display, as well as a tantalising 10.9 inch bezel-free version – meaning the screen takes up all of the device’s front display. Such a change in design would allow the 10.9-inch model to be the same physical size as the current-generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro.


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