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Baahubali 2 crew share some exciting facts about the new film

The entire world is waiting for 2017 when Baahubali: The Conclusion, the second part in the franchise, will arrive. The exciting news is, not just the movie’s grand release next year but a slew of other things in the closet too. And trust us when we say it will remind you no less than the Star Wars or Harry Potter series. The movie is said to be in its final stages of shooting with two more songs and a couple of action sequences being wrapped up in a span of two and half months. The film is set to release on April 28, 2017. The crew of Baahubali 2 including director S S Rajamouli and actors Rana Daggubati and Prabhas held a press-meet in Hyderabad to reveal everything that was in store for the audience even before the next part. No, It was not about answering the big question — Why did Kattappa killed Baahubali?
“In the world of Baahubali, it is not just about the movie. The movie is just a branch of a huge tree. There will be animated series, comic books, games and Baahubali virtual reality experience. You can get 360 degrees photos and making videos from the shoot directly on your phone too. On October 5, all Prabhas fans will have great surprise, some good news,” said Rajamouli. That comes as a big news as the entire team is not limiting the story just to a couple movies. To understand a timeline of the events, the first will be the teaser of the Baahubali animated series on October 1 which will be showed on “Amazon Prime”. And the movie trailer and teaser will be pushed in January next year. The second treat is the comic books which, according to lead actor Prabhas, will be out on October 22 along with the first look posters of Baahubali: The Conclusion.“The animated series or the comics will have a separate stories altogether and they will have no relation to stories of part one or two of the Baahubali,” emphasized the director of the film. There was a special interest in the VR which will be provided too. The entire team is going full- throttle with the visual experience and also has pumped in a lot of money for that. “We are also going to setup VR booths in around 200 theaters on a budget of Rs 25 crore. The VR experience will be launched on October 23 and the booths will be available to public a month before the release date,” Rajamouli added.
The Bhallala Deva of Baahubali said it’s all what he always loved about the franchise movies. “I am speaking as a big fan of films. I grew up on a lot of English movies. I always loved these big-scale franchise movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I grew up on things like. I always had this in my mind. Three years back I met Rajamouli who first showed me the map of Mahishmati. He didn’t tell me the story,” shared Rana. And at last, the perfect takeaway was Rajamouli’s major revelation, that “Baahubali part three is also on cards”. Who said dreams don’t come true? At least this crew knows how to fulfill some for their fans!


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