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BCCI upbeat after Supreme Court modifies order on tenure

The mood among the Indian cricket officials was a lot more optimistic after the Supreme Court modified its earlier order on Friday and stated that the nine-year cumulative period would be applicable separately to the BCCI and state associations subject to a cooling off period. It gives a whole bunch of “disqualified” cricket administrators a lifeline and some breathing space. Overall, the officials were happy with the proceedings today. “Today they (the bench) were listening to us. We saw a lot of positivity in the courtroom. Nine plus nine will allow the joint-secretary (Amitabh Choudhary) and treasurer (Anirudh Chaudhry) to be in the BCCI. The court has also said that it will examine the legality of the FAQs. The entire FAQs talk about the spirit of the Supreme Court order. As far as implementation is concerned, you can only read the letter and not the spirit,” a former top BCCI official told this paper demanding anonymity. The FAQs were posted by the Lodha Committee on January 12 that debarred “ineligible” officials from returning to the BCCI even as their respective state associations’ nominees. and clarifying that the nine-year cumulative period would applicable concurrently. The ousted cricket administrators are also happy that the Government has now decided to make an entry into the case. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi appeared for Railways, Services and Association of Universities and said that that the judgment should be recalled and revisited as larger questions have not been answered. The three institutions lost the full membership status and were downgraded as associates.


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