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Billion dollar company

Usually the IT companies, keep dishing out big numbers in terms of potential revenues, profits, recruitments, market value, etc., each quarter. But, Cyient (formerly Infotech), the current local big gun in the industry was reluctant to give any big numbers recently.
Despite helpful prodding by the assembled news hounds, Cyient executive chairman B.V.R. Mohan Reddy and MD Krishna Bodanapu refused to take the bait to questions centred around – when you will become a billion dollar company!
“These numbers make no sense you know. I could conjure some number but this is an uncertain area and we rather be in the present. Yes, we are growing and hope to grow steadily and definitely better than last year,” Mr. Krishna exclaimed, at the the firm’s 25{+t}{+h}anniversary celebrations.
Mr. Reddy actually seemed to take pride in the fact that the firm has built itself formidably in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, networks, operations and analytics solutions over the last two decades, at a time “when the companies average life span has been reduced to 17 years since 2010!”
The twin reservoirs of Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar have made it easy for the politicians and land sharks this season, by not showing much improvement in water levels despite heavy downpours. Water drainage channels have been heavily constructed upon, choking the reservoirs which had provided drinking water to the city for over 90 years since their construction.
Not much time is left before the GO No.111, which restricts construction in the catchment areas of the reservoirs, is scrapped as per the poll promises made by certain political leaders. The FTL (Full Tank Level) area too could soon be occupied by land grabbers, reducing the tanks to puddles.
Meanwhile, bovines enjoy themselves browsing on the new shoots of grass in the FTL area—small and fleeting joys of cattle life!
Many are aware of the witty side of Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao which comes to the fore often during his speeches and interactions. Recently, he decided to push it a few notches higher at an event which was attended by the IT crowd. During his address, he referred to an industry leader and spoke a few words about his company which has an office property in Gurgaon. In the same breath, he tried to convey the importance of Telangana in the IT sector in his own style. “I have heard that Gurgaon has been changed to Gurugram. Don’t worry; we are planning to rename our state from Telangana to Telegram very soon.” It goes without saying that the crowd enjoyed the moment.


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