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Conspiracy theory on Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

A jealous actor who isn’t happy with all the bonding between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan feels there is more than meets the eye to them promoting each other’s films. He says, “It’s a smart PR strategy. SRK met Salman a night before launching the first poster of his Imtiaz Ali film with Anushka Sharma. Sultan’s first teaser was also tweeted by SRK, even though Salman has just as many followers. According to this actor, “This is a strategy. The two Khans have always been close to each other and have now decided to join hands and take each other’s help in promoting their films. They both have die-hard fans and want to share their fan base, and by doing this they’re ensuring to stay in the game for a longer time.” It’s an interesting theory but not valid. Both the stars are too secure in their own spaces and too popular to need any strategy to promote themselves or their films.


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