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Currency effect: Big rush at ATMs, petrol vends

Hyderabad: Common man seems to have pressed the panic button with the announcement of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. Within minutes of PM’s announcement that ATMs would not function for two days on Wednesday and Thursday, heavy rush was witnessed at various ATMs. At many places ATMs were not working. When The Hans India correspondent went round Abids area, long queues were found in front of ATMs. Similarly, long queues were found at petrol bunks. In Srinagar Colony, there was a big rush at all ATMs. Some of the ATMs put up ‘No Cash’ or ‘Out of Service’ signboards.  The situation was no different in other areas in Secunderabad. Some petrol bunks chose to close early. Where the ATMs were working people were seen withdrawing Rs 400 per head per transaction. This added to delay at ATMs and people were growing restive. While appreciating the move, some of the people standing in the queues said that if there was advance indication, the common man would not have suffered.


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