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Force 2 Movie Review

STORY: Shiv Sharma (Tahir), a mole in the Indian Embassy of Budapest is leaking information about RAW agents. Inspector Yash (John) and RAW agent KK Sonakshi) must hunt him down and bring him to justice. REVIEW: I spy with my little eye… an action movie with some cool stunts but a textbook thriller plot. Three RAW agents are killed in China. One of them is Inspector Yash’s (John Abraham) best friend, Harish. But before dying, Harish leaves inspector Yash a clue indicating that something bigger has been set in motion. Inspector Yash then updates RAW, and together with agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha), they discover that Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin), a low-level employee of the Indian Embassy of Budapest, is handing out details of undercover RAW agents like pamphlets on a street corner. The thing that works in Force 2’s favour is pacing. In spite of a familiar story, the action sequences are timed perfectly and executed stylishly; there are no songs except for a recreation of Kaante Nahi Kat-te, which moves the story along. Most of the climax sequence is shot like a first-person shooter game which is a refreshing experiment. But the experiments stop there. The story is excruciatingly generic. A mastermind has an ulterior motive behind betraying his nation; the heroes must then strike a balance between morality and vengeance. John Abraham is intense and impressive when he’s breaking jaws and lifting cars, Tahir Raj Bhasin (in an extension of his Mardaani role) is good and shows his vulnerable side. Sonakshi Sinha’s half-hearted performance, however, can be partly blamed on her annoyingly underwritten character. KK is the worst-trained RAW agent without an iota of intuition who has to be told to do everything. It’s your usual arm-candy role, padded with a layer of faux feminism. It’s a decent time at the cinema for the thrill-seekers; the action won’t disappoint. Go ahead and may the force be with you!


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