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Gaiety marks Eid-ul-Zuha celebrations

Eid-ul-Zuha (Bakr-Id) was celebrated in the city with early morning congregation prayers followed by ritual sacrifice and feasting on Tuesday.
A steady stream of showers didn’t deter the faithful from making it to the demarcated prayer areas. Idgah Miralam, Idgah Gumbad-e-Qutb Shahi, Idgah AC Guards and Mecca Masjid saw a huge turnout of men dressed in white for the Eid prayers.
But the rain proved to be a dampener as people had to stay indoors after visits from family and friends.
Police officials heaved a sigh of relief as the festival passed off peacefully.
Cleaning up animal waste
An army of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation officials took up the onerous job of clearing up the animal waste dumped in various parts of the city.
The GHMC’s move to distribute about 2 lakh large plastic packets paid off as the animal waste and leftovers were packed and left near garbage bins.


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