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Google Pixel XL Review

Google’s Nexus devices were meant to be showcases of Android in its purest form; benchmarks to live up to in a world full of manufacturer-specific customisations with clashing styles and unnecessary differences. The idea was to partner with different manufacturers each year so that none of them would feel as though Google was trying to compete with them. All of that has changed now: Google is actively trying to compete with its own partners, and what’s more, it has developed a bunch of customisations of its own which aren’t getting shared around. While nearly all Nexus phones over the years were workhorses – not too expensive and not too premium, but certainly solid and respectable – the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL, on the other hand, are aiming right for the top of the market. It isn’t a stretch to say that Google is targeting Apple: the segmentation, pricing and even design of its two models are pretty much direct equivalents of Apple’s lineup. The company might have lost legions of Nexus fans, but will it win over iPhone loyalists? We’re eager to see how this works out.


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