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Govt paying compensation only to land owners under GO 123

The Telangana government had been paying compensation only to land owners under GO 123. However, landless agriculture labourers who were dependent on these lands for their livelihood approached the High Court, which stayed GO 123 and asked the government to address the concerns of these sections too.

In response, the government came up with GO 190 and placed it before the High Court for approval. Official sources said the government had acquired 25,000 acres under GO 123 so far and revised compensation will have to be paid for the same.

They said the government still needed to acquire 58,000 acres by this year-end, mostly in Mahbubnagar, Karimnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Medak and Adilabad districts for various irrigation projects.

The government needs to acquire a total of 1.05 lakh acres for all its projects.
Under GO 190, the government has offered Rs 5.04 lakh to a family to build a house if they face displacement, or Rs 1.25 lakh to a single family member without spouse or children or dependents.

It has also offered a one-time cash payment of Rs 5 lakh, but one has the option to reject the one-time payment. For them, the government has offered to pay Rs 3,000 per month for 28 years for SCs and STS and Rs 2,500 per month for 20 years for agriculture labourers, artisans and others.

Besides, it has offered to pay Rs 40,000 per family as subsistence grant for one year, Rs 60,000 as one-time grants for SCs, STs in scheduled areas and Rs 60,000 as a one-time transport grant.

For those who don’t want any of the above benefits, the government has given an option to seek lump sum payment of Rs 7.50 lakh to create their own income generation activity.

The only condition they have to meet to avail these benefits is that they should have been residing in the specified areas for at least three years.

As per official estimates, over 60 per cent of the lands that was acquired under GO 123 was the main source of livelihood for landless agriculture labourers, artisans and others, for whom the government needs to pay compensation along with the owners. Nearly three to five families are dependent on every 10 acre acquired and they need to be paid compensation along with the owners.


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