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Hillary fears coup in Pak

Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has expressed concern over the possibility of emergence of nuclear suicide bombers from Pakistan if  jihadists get access to the country’s atomic weapons, a media report has said. “We live in fear that they’re going to have a coup that jihadists are going to take over  the government, they’re going to get access to nuclear weapons, and you’ll have suicide nuclear bombers. So, this could not be a more threatening scenario,” the New York Times said, quoting Clinton as saying in an audio being hacked from Democratic Party’s computers. “Pakistan is running full speed to develop tactical nukes in their continuing hostility with India,” the former secretary of state told a close door fundraiser in Virginia in February, the paper reported, citing 50-minute audio that appeared on the website of The Washington Free Beacon. During the fund raiser, responding to a question on modernisation of nuclear weapons, the daily said, Clinton went beyond the question to warn of an emerging nuclear arms race, naming Russia and China as well as Pakistan and India. “This is one of the most dangerous developments imaginable,” Clinton said.


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