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Hyderabad Parents use ganpati visarjan to protest against fee hikes by private schools

HYDERABAD: In a unique way of creating awareness for their cause while protesting the government’s inaction, school parents in Hyderabad took out a procession of the various Government Orders (GOs) and tore copies of the GOs to shreds before immersion of the Ganesh idol at the Hussain Sagar lake in the city on Sunday.
The parents were protesting against the fee hike and high cost of school education in the state. The protesting parents sarcastically asked the Telangana government
whether it is expecting God to come and do its job of controlling the mounting education cost in state.
“Government had promised during Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections that it will regulate school fees in private schools, why does it not act upon its
on promise?” asked an angry patent participating in the protest.
Pointing out how private schools are violating the norms under the nose of the government, the Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) said “If the GOs are
to be there only for namesake, then it’s better to discard them.”
The HSPA is demanding that the Telangana government act against the alleged private school mafia in Hyderabad and control the gigantic fee hikes made by the
private schools in the state. The association has been in protest mode from the past several months demanding fee regulation by the government.


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