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If you aren’t keen on the new MacBook Pro, check this list of Windows alternatives

Apple announced its new lineup of MacBook Pro computers after a really long wait. The addition of the Touch Bar, that strip of touch sensitive OLED panel just above the keyboard, is something innovative for sure. But then, Apple went ahead and did a typically Apple thing – dumped all standardised ports in favour of four USB Type C Thunderbolt 3.0 ports. This has certainly not gone down well with a lot of professionals. Like someone joked on Twitter, Apple’s fastest growing product category are its 17 adapters. Sure, the USB Type C port keeps future proofing in mind, but the dropping of USB Type A ports and an SD card slot are just ridiculous moves. Professional photographers who shoot a lot and want to quickly transfer images onto their MacBook Pro computers will have to get another adapter to transfer content from SD cards now. And yes, even though a lot of cameras support Wi-Fi image transfer, we all know how terribly annoying that process is. Dropping of ports aside, the entry barrier to the new MacBook Pros is quite high. The 13-inch base model, with Touch Bar, will start at Rs 1,55,900. Add in the cost of the adapters, you would need to go with these new MacBook Pros and you are looking at quite a high cost of ownership. And as we well know, Apple adapter don’t really come cheap.
Investing in a 2015 MBP
For those on the fence regarding investing in a brand new MacBook Pro, at their current price points, it is understandable. Not everyone is a Photoshop expert, a DJ or an FCP meister. A lot of MacBook Pro users are people who just want a powerful macOS based laptop. If you have a functioning older MacBook Pro, it just make sense to wait it out. As analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has pointed out, Apple MacBook Pro prices are expected to drop in 2017. And there are expected to be upgrades in the form of 32GB RAM and 7th generation Intel Core series processor.


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