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Iraqi forces repel four ISIS attacks, killing over 170 terrorists in Mousl

Iraqi security forces on Friday repelled four counter attacks by ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) militants in the battle ground city of Mosul, killing a total of 174 ISIS terrorists and destroying 13 suicide car bombs, the Iraqi army said. The commandos of the Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) repelled suicide car bomb attacks and dozens of ISIS terrorists on the recently-freed neighborhoods of al-Ta’mim, al-Nour and al-Bakr in eastern Mosul after heavy clashes, killing some 100 militants and destroying five suicide car bombs, a statement by the Iraqi Joint Operations Command said. So far, the elite CTS retook control of 40 districts in eastern Mosul, after nearly seven weeks of street-to-street battles inside the city, according to the statement. The army’s 9th armored division repelled another attack and ISIS terrorists on the neighborhoods of al-Intisar and al-Salam in southeastern Mosul, killing some 27 militants and destroying three suicide car bombs, the statement said. The troops are facing grueling fighting inside Mosul from the terrorists, who are carrying out brutal counter attacks in small groups moving quickly throughout the districts, and using suicide car bombs, as well as mortars and snipers, in addition to using the population of the city as human shields. Dozens more of ISIS terrorists attacked the positions of the army’s 16th infantry division in Ba’wieza village at the northern edge of Mosul, but the troops fought them back and foiled their attack after killing 25 terrorists and destroying two suicide car bombs, it said. The federal police forces repelled a fourth attack by ISIS terrorists and suicide car bombs on the troops’ positions at the two villages of al-Ereij and al-Adhbah, just southwest of Mosul, leaving 22 militants killed and destroying two suicide car bombs and a suicide bulldozer bomb, the statement added, xinhuanet reported


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