Posted On November 5, 2016 By In Technology And 1256 Views

Is Android More Secure Than iOS?

Try asking an Apple supporter why they prefer iPhones to Android smartphones. One of the reasons that they will give is that the iPhone is more secure than the Android phone. When you compare iOS and Android, you will realize that both these operating systems are quite different. Although Android is the more dominant system in the market, it is also thought to be more vulnerable because of its open and adaptable nature. iOS, on the other hand, is considered to be more secure of the two options because it is more limited. However, over the past year, there have been several cyberattacks on both these platforms. This begs the question whether the iOS is actually more secure than Android today. A security researcher at Tripwire, Craig Young, said, “The consolidation of personal data on smartphones has made them a natural target for malware campaigns. While trusted app stores do a lot to reduce exposure to malware, examples of apps slipping past vendor review processes are not hard to come by”.


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