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ISO Girls Wing condemns attack on women Shia congregation

Female students belonging to Imamia Students Organisation staged a rally outside Karachi Press Club yesterday to lodge protest against targeted terrorist attacks by proscribed ASWJ on innocent Shia mourners including women and children. They also demanded release of all the innocent Shia Muslims taken into illegal custody by the security officials without any charge against those Shia notables. They were carrying placards and banners which were inscribed with the slogans such as ‘Stop Shia Genocide,’ ‘Release Detained Shia Notables,’ and ‘Award Capital Punishment to Terrorists.’ Female students and children largely participated in the ISO protest rally. They were wearing armbands and headbands inscribed with Labbaik Ya Zahra (AS) and Labbaik Ya Zainab (AS). Allama Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Batool Zahra of Imamia Students Organisation Pakistan Karachi chapter spoke to the protestors. They denounced the government and security agencies for their failure to protect Shia Muslims. They said there is a group that was out to attack and massacre Shia Muslims but government authorities were holding meetings with that proscribed /banned outfit ringleaders encouraging them to continue their illegal and inhuman terrorist activities. They said that proscribed terror outfit was allowed to stage rallies in Karachi and Islamabad. They said on the one hand, government was encouraging them to do so and on the other terrorists began targeting Shia women and children during mourning congregations (majalis-e-aza). They said that neither police nor rangers were acting upon the National Action Plan in letter and spirit. They vowed that Shia Muslims would continue to observe azadari (mourning for Imam Hussain) at all cost. They made it clear that no power on earth could stop Shia Muslims from their inalienable right to commemorate the Martyrs of Karbala through azadari.


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