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John Kerry To IIT-Delhi: Boats Needed To Get Here, Am I Right?

Delhi’s rain spares nobody, not even VVIPs from the world’s biggest super power.

John Kerry today was delayed by an hour to address students at IIT-Delhi. “You guys all deserve an award for getting here today. I don’t know if you guys came in boats or amphibious vehicles of some kind but I salute you,” he said.

The US Secretary of State also had to cancel his scheduled trip to three religious sites in the capital after it rain rained ferociously this morning.

Mr Kerry, who landed in Delhi on Monday night, spent nearly an hour with his convoy trapped in traffic jams from the airport to his five-star hotel. Reporters travelling with Mr Kerry tweeted their frustration.

Mr Kerry’s two-day trip to Delhi includes a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi later today.

The focus of his visit has been on pushing for better military cooperation and increasing trade between the two countries five-fold to 500 billion dollars.

India and the US this week sealed a deal to share each other military bases for repair and resupplies.

Yesterday, Mr Kerry met Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and made strong statements about Pakistan and terrorism.

Mr Kerry said that America fully stands behind India in its demand that Pakistan punish the attackers of 26/11 terror strike in Mumbai and January’s assault on the Pathankot Air-force base in Punjab.


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