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Kangana Ranaut On Leaked E-Mails To Hrithik Roshan: Felt Naked, Cried For Nights

Warring stars Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan trends yet again on Saturday as Ms Ranaut opened up about what she went through during the public feud with the Krrish 3 actor, reported. Earlier this year, Hrithik Roshan had alleged that Kangana Ranaut was fabricating a romantic relationship with him. Hrithik also filed a case with the Mumbai Police claiming that someone impersonating him was corresponding with Ms Ranaut through e-mails. Ms Ranaut, who said that she dated Hrithik from 2009, had reportedly sent 1439 emails to Hrithik. Contents of the alleged e-mails were leaked on social media when the investigation began earlier this year. It all started when Kangana obliquely referred to Hrithik Roshan as “a silly ex” in an interview. Mr Roshan initiated legal action following which, both sides exchanged legal notices. Ms Ranaut and Mr Roshan met on the sets of Kites in 2009. At a recent media interaction, Ms Ranaut said that she felt rather “exposed” when the contents of her letters (she is perhaps referring to the e-mails), were revealed during the ongoing feud with Hrithik, reported. “The letters that I might have written were brutally exposed to the world. How did I feel as a human being because every letter that you’ve written to your lover holds a lot of vulnerability? You are exposing part of your soul or yourself, not to the world but to an individual. I felt extremely naked in front of the world. I cried for nights in my room. People make fun of me. But I never answered to that brutality in the same spirit. I think that makes me see myself as a winner,” .”I can’t help if I am not good enough for an individual but I think what’s not justice is to make fun of a woman’s vulnerabilities and sort of embarrass her for her desires. As far as letters are concerned, I’ve gone ahead to tell my side of the story,” she added


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