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KCR’s remark against Chada draws flak

Hanamkonda: The remark of ‘Sannasi’ made against CPI leader Chada Venkat Reddy by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has drawn severe condemnation from the party national leaders during a public meeting here on Wednesday. The CPI national general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said even after becoming Chief Minister, K Chandrashekar Rao has not learnt to act in a civilised manner. The party national secretary, K Narayana, on the other hand called the CM as real ‘Sannasi’ for rubbing shoulders with monks and seers. Coming down heavily on the TRS rule, Sudhakar Reddy said being the Chief Minister, KCR has the responsibility to answer questions by the opposition on public issues. It was not proper to attack opposition for opposing government actions. KCR was promised to build ‘Bangaru Telangana’ instead he is achieving ‘Bangalala Telangana’. The CM, who didn’t care to pay compensation to the families of farmers who committed suicides, has spent public money to build a palatial camp office, he criticised. ‘Is it necessary to build such a huge camp office for KCR, who would be losing power in another two and half years,’ he posed while adding that even the PM doesn’t have camp office like the one built for KCR. Similarly in the name of gods and festivals, public money was being wasted, he added. KCR can’t buy the public like he bought the MLAs and people would teach him a lesson in right time, Sudhakar Reddy cautioned.Narayana ridiculed the ‘Deeksha Diwas’ observed by the TRS cadre with displaying the pictures of CM’s fast-unto-death. Along with CM’s pictures, the photos of attacks on Telangana activists by the party leaders Konda Surekha and Tummala Nageshwar Rao, before they joined the TRS, should be displayed, he pointed out. KCR resorting to blackmailing using gangster Nayeem caseNarayana, who demanded a judicial or CBI probe into slain gangster Nayeem case, alleged that Chandrashekar Rao was resorting to blackmailing the opposition party leaders to join the TRS. The opposition leaders were being threatened to be named in the case, if they deny joining the TRS. He felt that the probe by SIT, led by an officer of DIG rank would be useless when home ministers, DGP ranked officers and senior politicians including those of the TRS were involved in the Nayeem case. The probe aims to let the big names go scot free while catching lower ranked police and other officials, he said. Narayana demanded conducting lie-detector test on the CMs and home ministers since the time of emergence of Nayeem as the gangster to reveal the facts. All the governments have used Nayeem to commit heinous acts, he alleged.


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