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Novel protest for Narayanpet district

Mahbubnagar: The agitation for creation of Narayanpet has grown in intensity in support of a demand for new district. Shadnagar too is witnessing agitation in support of a demand for a revenue district. Zilla Sadhana Samith has been organising protests for the last two months to put pressure on the government to declare Narayanpet Revenue Division into a new district. The protests are marked by bands, dharnas, relay hunger strike and road blockade. “Shadnagar is fit to be upgraded into revenue division. As Shadnagar is merged with the new Shamshabad district, it is necessary to upgrade it into revenue division,” said a retired employee, a member of Shadnagar Sadhana samithi. On Sunday, Narayanpet Zilla Sadhana Samithi activists staged a novel protest without shirts. “We have been agitating and fighting for the cause of Narayanpeta district for the past two months. It is unfortunate, despite assurance given by the top leaders in the government; the State government has not inclined to declare Narayanpeta as district. We will intensify our agitation if the government fails to meet our demand,” said the Samithi activists.


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