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Pawan Raises Issue of Special Status to Andhra Pradesh

Jana Sena party chief and Tollywood super star Pawan Kalyan has raised the issue of special status to Andhra Pradesh, blaming the Centre and state governments for failing at the task. This comes as a new fillip to the political fight for Andhra’s Special status.

Pawan Kalyan slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for failing to get special status for the state.

 “If we fight for our rights we will get special status for Andhra Pradesh” said Kalyan while addressing the people of the state.

The slamming comes in a month after Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was believed to have raised the issue of special status for his state during his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi.

According to sources, Naidu told the Prime Minister that a special status was assured to Andhra Pradesh after its bifurcation by his predecessor Manmohan Singh, and also by the TDP and the BJP during the polls and the promise must be delivered.

The Chief Minister is also believed to have said that since several political parties supported the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, the chances of their resistance to special status to the state is likely to be little.


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