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PM Narendra Modi In Imphal: What Congress Couldn’t Do In 15 Years In Manipur, BJP Will In 15 Months

IMPHAL:  With polls in Manipur just a week away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a blistering attack at the Congress government, saying the party was responsible for ruining the state in the last 15 years. “Manipur has been destroyed, who’s responsible… The chief minister here has been sitting in Manipur for 15 years. Manipur is considered as the Switzerland of East. But do you see any development, employment for youth?” the PM told the huge crowd gathered in Imphal for his first rally in the state. The PM asked the crowd to vote for the BJP in the upcoming polls and let the party serve the people of Manipur. “Just give us five years, you have given them 15 years. We’ll do what they haven’t in 15 months,” he said to a rousing reaction from the crowd. PM Modi also accused Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh of trying to divide the people of the state. “There has been no work done. All the government has done is pit one community against the other and get benefit from it. This should end now. All communities spread across the state should be equally benefitted,” he added. Taking his attack on the chief minister one step further, he said, “They (Congress) want votes for their 10 per cent commission… Have you ever heard about 10 per cent chief minister? Anywhere? Manipur now needs a zero per cent chief minister… We want vote for 100 per cent development…” “We want to give… kisano ko sichai, bachchon ko padhai, naujavanon ko kamai aur burhon ko davai (water to the farmers, education to children, work to the youth and medicines to the old),” he added. The economic blockade, which has crippled the state for nearly four months now, will be removed when the BJP government comes to power, the PM claimed. “Why shouldn’t the blockades be removed? Why shouldn’t there be a police case against rioters? I urge the people to remove the blockade today and we will help them to resolve all issues.” He added that the unity of Manipur, welfare of its people and development of the state is the BJP’s goal. “Today, wherever Congress government is there, the state lacks progress. Every BJP governed state today is progressing at fast pace,” he added. Manipur goes to polls in two phases on March 4 and 8. Results will be counted on March 11.


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