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Punjab Border State, ‘Outsiders’ In Power May Lead To Crisis, Says PM Narendra Modi

KOTKAPURA, FARIDKOT: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today tagged Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party “an outsider” in Punjab and told voters that unless the Akali-BJP combine comes to power again, Punjab as well as the entire nation could face a “crisis”. Addressing an election rally in the heartland Malwa — where Mr Kejriwal has recently campaigned — PM Modi said AAP was an “outsider” that was “dreaming of creating its own world” at the cost of Punjab. “It (AAP) is eager to create its own world at the cost of the state. Those who are having such dreams should be sent back to Delhi from where they come,” he said. He asked the people to first question AAP about what it promised to Delhi and the responsibilities it honoured. “Ask it to first fulfill its responsibility of that place (from where they have been elected). Fulfill the promises made to the people of Delhi,” the Prime Minister said.
Reminding his audience that Punjab is a border state, the Prime Minister said, “When you elect the government, you decide not only the fate of Punjab, but that of the country is also linked with it… ” “Pakistan is eagerly awaiting a chance to use Punjab to destroy India. If a dheeli-dhaali (non-serious) government comes, a government of outsiders is formed, and a government of those who lead luxurious lifestyle comes… not only the people of Punjab will suffer, but the entire nation will have to face a crisis,” he said. AAP is hoping to make huge gains in Punjab, where the Akali-BJP government, which has been in power for a decade, is facing anti-incumbency. While the BJP is carrying out a high voltage campaign involving not just the Prime Minister but also a host of other Union ministers, AAP is replicating the door-to-door, grassroot-level campaign that had given dividends in Delhi.


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