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RBI 2000 Rupees Note Features Show No NGC GPS Tracking Chip

RBI has released images and features of the new 500 rupees and 2000 rupees notes, but even before PM Modi’s big announcements on Tuesday, there were messages going around on WhatsApp talking about the new 2000 rupees note having a ‘nano GPS chip’ – aka NGC – that can be used to track the notes from anywhere. We treated these forwards with a healthy doubt of scepticism, and with RBI having released many features of the 2000 rupees note and the so-called nano GPS tracking chip finding no mention therein, it’s safe to say that those forwards are a hoax. Here’s a sample message that some of you may have seen: Just to reiterate, everything you read above is unofficial, and almost everything is a hoax. We can barely get a GPS signal indoors, and if you believe the forward, the RBI has packed every single 2000 rupees note with a wafer-thin nano GPS chip that can get a signal even “120 metres below ground level”, which makes absolutely no sense. Not to mention the only chips that can be powered by a ‘reflective signal’ – like RFID chips – can transmit data only over very short distances, and not across hundreds of thousands of kilometres like the forward suggests. Here’s what RBI has actually said about the 2000 rupees note, and it’s the only thing you should be believing about the new currency at this stage:


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