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Reliance Jio’s Free Till March Offer To Be Examined, Says Telecom Regulator TRAI

NEW DELHI: Users of Reliance Jio are entitled to free calls and data till the end of March, billionaire Mukesh Ambani announced today. Telecom regulator TRAI has said it will examine the new offer to see if it meets guidelines. After complaints from competitors like Airtel earlier, the regulator had cleared Jio’s free services till the end of the year. The everything-for-free offer was originally introduced in September and was to last till the end of the year. It has now been extended for three months. This means that anyone who signs up starting Sunday will not pay for voice or data services. Those who subscribed earlier – existing Jio customers – will automatically get the three-month extension for free benefits. There’s one major difference though. The amount of top-speed data that a customer can use without any cost is now limited to 1GB of data a day. The earlier limit was 4GB per day, after which the speed was throttled for the customer in question. Jio is India’s only entirely 4G network – others use a mix of 4G, and 3G for data, plus 2G for voice calls. Jio uses 4G for voice as well as data. Mr Ambani said that while 80 percent of Jio subscribers use under 1GB of data a day, the rest burn through disproportionately high amounts, congesting the network for others. This is why the new limit has been introduced as Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Mr Ambani said Jio has already crossed 50 million customers in the three months since it launched on September 1. He said this makes Jio faster-growing in India than either Facebook or WhatsApp. Jio user get free calls for life. No roaming charges apply within India either. Data prices, once they kick in, are among the cheapest in the world at Rs. 50 per GB. Till Jio disrupted the market, its competitors priced data at nearly five times that. Reliance has invested over 20 billion dollars in its telecom venture and Mr Ambani had earlier said Jio expects to accrue 100 million customers in “the shortest possible time.” Mr Ambani has also announced a rollout of Jio Money Merchant Solutions, a mobile payments application, for enabling digital payments for small merchants at their various point of transactions. For now, Jio Cinema, Music, and other apps will remain available at no charge.


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