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Sultan to Dangal: Self praise and flattery are always at work in Bollywood

Here are three superstar Khans in Bollywood, and everybody acknowledges it. The three Khans know their respective positions in the industry and keep doing everything in their capacity to strengthen it. Sometimes their films become vehicle for it, sometimes it’s their social media profiles where they keep indulging in friendly banters. No wonder most of the media organisations treat the Khans as a separate beat. So, when Salman Khan praised Aamir Khan’s Dangal via Twitter on Friday morning, their followers found it no different from any other development on social media. But this also points towards a new trend in Bollywood: The whole industry likes to work as a family, especially when it comes to promoting a new film. Before and after its release. Alia Bhatt’s dance on Tip tip barsa paani before the release of Rustom in August this year got Akshay Kumar more publicity than his entire PR machinery. Ranveer Singh’s Chupa Rustom video added more numbers to it. Actually, this trend caught everyone’s fancy after Ranveer Singh’s dance on a crowded square in Mumbai before the release of Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang in 2014. Since then, PR companies are rehashing it with different names. Sometimes they call it Beat pe booty challenge (Flying Jatt), sometimes it’s dare challenge (Befikre).
But it seems even this has become an old fad. The latest is praising each other through films. And the most favourite of stars in this regard is Shah Rukh Khan. Salman Khan went ahead and said in his film Sultan that he doesn’t want to listen anything against Shah Rukh Khan because he is the most romantic hero. In fact, he is so romantic that even a blind girl will fall in love with him if he expresses love directly looking into the girl’s eyes. Shah Rukh Khan is his own favourite, so he referred to his own films in Fan. He believed it was the character’s demand. Half of Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil celebrated the charm of really average Bollywood films and films occasionally referring to certain actors. In Befikre, director Aditya Chopra went one step ahead and paid ode to his own film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, and its lead Shah Rukh Khan. And now Aamir Khan has done the same in Dangal. In one of the scenes, the girls are shown drooling over Shah Rukh Kahn in DDLJ. It may look like camaraderie to some, but it is also a great tool to promote a film. And of course a nearly perfect way to flatter their favourite influencers in the film business.


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