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Suzuki Vitara ‘game changing’ SUV launches in Pakistan

Trailblazer in the small cars industry and producer of successful 4×4 range sports utility vehicles (SUVs), Pak Suzuki on Wednesday launched one of the lightest SUV’s named Vitara in Pakistan. The 4th generation crossover Vitara has been introduced in Pakistan in response to the steadily climbing demand of SUVs as trends change in the local vehicle market. To this end, the top of the line Vitara GLX is available for Rs. 3,799,000 and the Vitara GL+ is available for Rs. 3,490,000. Before its launch in Pakistan, Vitara had already received an overwhelmingly positive response in Europe and has won several prestigious awards for its performance.
As far as security is concerned, Vitara also earned high ratings by credible by global inspectors. Along with the crème de la crème of Pakistan’s capital city, Pak Suzuki MD Hirofumi Nagao and Pak Suzuki GM Marketing Azam Mirza also graced the launching ceremony. Renowned celebrity and Suzuki’s new brand ambassador Fawad Khan was declared as the first owner of the Suzuki Vitara in Pakistan at the launching ceremony in Islamabad.


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