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Telangana State to focus on allied sectors

Hyderabad: With a view to make the state numero uno in milk production and allied sectors, the Telangana government has turned its focus on to these sectors. To this effect, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday instruc­ted the officials concerned to formulate a compr­ehensive plan for fisheries and sheep-rearing on war footing. The Chief Minister who chaired a high-level review meeting on fisheries, sheep-rearing and dairy development in the state at Pragathi Bhavan, wanted every tank in Telangana should be brimming with fish and the state should become number one in dairy and milk products. The Chief Minister wanted the restructuring of fish breeding centres and similarly, for the sheep rearing and supplying parallely in 30 districts of the State except in Hyderabad. KCR said that there were about three to four lakh Yadav families who are living on sheep-rearing and the government is ready to support them. In order to implement several developmental programmes for fishermen, there is a need for the establishing of a Corporation or Federation. He said castes such as Boya and Kuruma are also dependent on fisheries like the Gangaputra and Mudiraj communities. The Chief Minister wanted detailed information on these communities. For the effective implementation of the schemes, the Chief Minister wanted creation of societies for fish growers and sheep-rearing communities. Once the number of fisherman is tabulated, the profits should be distributed equally. KCR said that at Kaleswaram, Palamuru Lift Irrigation Schemes and at several small, medium and major irrigation reservoir sites water is available in abundance throughout the year. Such reservoirs should be utlised for the development of fisheries. Stating that there are several open sites available for the Animal Husbandry Department in the state, the CM said those lands should be used for the marketing of sheep.


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