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THUMB RULE: Music Reviews – Mirzya

Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
1. Yeh Wadiyan Doodiyan Kohre Ki: Daler Mehndi leads from the front as he goes at it with full-blooded gusto. He is backed by Sain Zahoor and Akhtar Chinnal’s remarkably distinct vocals and a special appearance by the Nooran sisters. The rendition is enough to give you goosebumps. And that chorus group is tight!
2. Mirzya: The first of several couplets, it makes its intentions amply clear in its brevity. Daler’s vocals.
3. Teen Gawah Hain Ishq Ke: Gulzar’s lyrics and Siddharth Mahadevan’s soulful yet breezy vocals and the guitar work are the heroes of this piece. The chorus group (Salvation Singers et Loy Mendonsa) ground it well . Repeats reccomended.
4. Mirza Se Darre Khuda: Poetry gets a booming warrior’s warning thanks to Daler. Melancholy comes free. You kinda expect it.
5. Chakora: Akhtar Chinnal’s distinct vocals bring the grunge to a bass-heavy ethnic-meets-EDM track. It washes you over in waves, ebbing and surging with emotion as Mame Khan and Shuchismita narrating a story of passionate star-crossed love.
6. Mera Mirza Sher Jawan: An ode to Mirza’s courage. DM brings on the power.
7. Aave Re Hitchki: Shankar Mahadevan and Mame Khan harks back to a time where the interplay of guitars, dhol and saarangi transport you to a different place, to simpler times, with a faraway love bringing on the hiccups and the sukha effect that has on the one doing the remembering.
8. Lahoo Luhaan Zameen Hui : Red is the colour of blood and love. Do the math. Daler again.
9. Hota Hai: The Nooran sisters, Daler, Sain and Akhtar bring three different vocal styles together in one high-energy song that is very mildly reminiscent of the Tunak Tunak Tun beat in passing before taking on a life of its own, breathing fire and passion in equal measure. Also, don’t miss the wildly experimental background music. I could trip to this all day!
10. Puchh Na Pende Mamle: There’s a sense of incompleteness in these couplets.
11. Ek Nadi Thi: Vocally, the Nooran sisters rough-n-rustic and K Mohan’s deep-and-sonorous talk about a river and it’s a tale worth listening to. You can’t rush through this song. To enjoy its pleasures and pains, you have to take the time to go with its flow.
12. Doli Re Doli: This wedding song has such a laidback, lounge-ish feel, you have to admit that the treatment, while rooted in tradition, gives it such a different spin that it makes your head spin. This is the song that proves (top marks to SEL and to session producer Kalyan Pathak for delivering a piece that’s as jazz-influenced as it is traditional). And Shankar, you hit this one right out the park. Love it.
13. Kaaga: Again the antithesis couldn’t be pronounced. Kaushiki Chakrabarthy’s classical rendition is of a consistently high quality, while the instrumental work in the
background is concert-quality
14. Phaa Paye Na Ishq Da: Unrequitted love has never had a more profound, more ardent advocate.
15. Mirzya Theme (Broken Arrows): Is it poetic that most of this instrumental piece is string-heavy? Undoubtedly so. The pain is all-pervading and all too apparent.
YO: The use of live instruments lets this soundtrack breathe. This is brilliant stuff from SEL. Just close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you and you’ll know
what I mean. If there was ever an epic that deserved a soundtrack, this is it.


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