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Ties With India Are As Strong As Ever Under Barack Obama: US

WASHINGTON: India-US relationship under the outgoing Obama Administration is “as strong as ever” and President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have “worked closely” on a wide range of issues during this period, the White House has said.
“They (India and the United States relationship) are as strong as ever,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said yesterday.
“The President has worked closely with Prime Minister Modi on a host of issues, ranging from national security, to climate, to trade, to commerce, and to strong people-to-people ties. We have a rich history and shared values,” Mr Schultz said.
He said that the President is proud of that record and the steps that have been taken to strengthen the ties between the two countries over the past eight years.
Mr Schultz, however, refrained to comment on the relationship under the in-coming Trump Administration.


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