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Transformer 3 Pro review: Asus’s version of the Surface Pro

The Asus Transformer 3 Pro is a very capable 2-in-1 laptop which is named squarely to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. It has power packed internals, a gorgeous 3K display and a decent keyboard/touchpad cover. Is it good enough to beat the segment best? let’s find out!
From a distance, you will forgive for mistaking the Transformer Pro 3 for the Surface Pro 3. When it comes to inspiration, you cannot choose a better muse than the Surface Pro. The device is gorgeous. The chassis is crafted from aluminum-magnesium alloy and is alarmingly thin at just 8.35 mm. (Just a few years ago, the iPhone 4 was 9.9mm thin and that was considered amazing!). It weights just under 800 grams, which makes it very portable. As a tablet though, it still seems a tad too heavy after prolonged use. Asus claims that the aluminum-magnesium alloy is an incredibly tough material which helps protect the device from everyday scuffs and scratches.What is ironic though is the fact that our review unit came with several scratches and scuffs all across the back panel of the tablet. The Surface Pro comparisons don’t just end with the look of the device. Just like the Surface, the Transformer also comes with an in built Kickstand which in integrated into the back of the device. The hinge on the kickstand is just not very confidence inspiring and the first time I opened it, I couldn’t help but think how much sturdier the hinge of the Surface Pro is. The Transformer Pro 3 comes in two colors, Icicle Gold and high-tech Titanium Gray, with our review unit being the former. There’s no denying that the device looks amazing. It is sure to steal second glances from people and is also built incredibly well. It’s sleek, suave and classy and is a plus point for the device. However, Asus forces me to compare it to the Surface Pro with the design choices it has made and in that regard, the Surface Pro looks even better.


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