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US election 2016: Clinton and Trump begin final debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have taken to the stage in Las Vegas for the final debate in an increasingly bitter race for the US presidency. It began with Mrs Clinton vowing to uphold women’s and LGBT rights, while Mr Trump pledged to protect gun rights. Polls show Mr Trump is losing in key battleground states after facing a slew of sexual assault allegations. But Mrs Clinton remains unpopular with many US voters and has faced more questions about her trustworthiness. Most Americans will cast their votes on 8 November. Millions were expected to tune into the third and final debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News presenter Chris Wallace. The two candidates are to discuss six topics: national debt and health and social benefits, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign flashpoints and their fitness to be president. Mr Trump has faced damaging fallout after a video emerged of him making obscene comments about groping women, with senior Republicans deserting him.Will it be the Republican nominee who has offered reform-oriented policy proposals like term-limits for members of Congress and more stringent regulation of government lobbyists? Or will it be the candidate who has predicted “large-scale voter fraud” on election day and continued to launch nasty personal attacks on his Democratic opponent? Over the past week Mr Trump has offered hints of a campaign that could have been – one that capitalised on fatigue from eight years of Democratic rule and presented a can-do message of outsider-oriented change. Instead, Mr Trump has spent the bulk of his campaign offering Americans dark warnings of rampant crime and economic ruin, punctuated by off-message rants that exacerbate the impact of personal scandals and gaffes. Given Mr Trump’s performance in the first two debates – and the fact his campaign has invited a motley assortment of debate guests, including a woman accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault and President Barack Obama’s estranged half-brother – chances are we’ll see more of this blunderbuss approach. That strategy hasn’t worked for Mr Trump so far, however, and now time is running very short.


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