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We have a strange, unspoken love: Shah Rukh Khan on his dosti with Salman Khan

During a long conversation with Shah Rukh Khan a month ago, I told him that I’d like to talk to him for a piece I wanted to do for Salman Khan’s birthday. SRK agreed to do it right away, without a moment’s hesitation. Here, SRK talks about the Galaxy star. And explains why, despite all the lows, their friendship will never fade.
“Before I talk about Salman, I have to thank his entire family for always being so supportive right from the time I set foot in this city. I know his family for the longest time. I knew Arbaaz and Baby (Alvira) a lot more and Sohail a bit, back then. Because of common friends, we would mostly hang out together.”
The beginning
“I didn’t know Salman at all back then. I can’t even remember when we became friends. I don’t have an idea now that you are asking me about him, and I’m trying to remember how we became friends. I think that’s what friendship is about. You don’t know where, when and how it starts. And if you don’t know when it starts, it means it will never end. (Smiles)
Now that you’ve asked me, I can tell you one thing. Karan Arjun was the time when we started spending a lot of time together. We were with each other the whole day and spent time together. We kind of hit it off from the very beginning. It also stems from the fact that, for me, he has always been someone who I would respect because I have been, in a way, brought up by his family when I was new to this city. So, I can never think of him as a colleague. He is a friend, a very dear friend.
Salman, the star
I don’t think he’d be able to remember how our friendship began either. Before our time together on the sets of Karan Arjun, I’d go to his house because I knew his brother and sister. I knew he was a big star. We hardly hung around back then. Whenever I would be at his house, he would hardly be around because he was really busy with his film shoots. He would say a customary ‘Hi’ and hang out with us for some time.
Those mad days
I got to know him better during Karan Arjun. Because we were both mad enough to do a lot of mad things during that time. We would just drive away from shooting, run away, come back to Mumbai and nobody would even know about it. Then we would go back the next morning, without sleeping, go a little…(Laughs) unrested in the morning, finish work that would normally happen over two days, just because we felt like working really hard that day.


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