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We know about you Sakshi Dhoni

When it’s a biopic on a living person, there’s bound to be repercussions on the subject’s family as well. As cricketer MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi has just discovered. Says an insider, “The recently released song from the Dhoni biopic shows how Dhoni and Sakshi fell in love. The song reveals their courtship days. Since the release of the song, the cricket star’s wife has been inundated with calls from family and friends telling her that they know now where all the duo went for their honeymoon and what they did. From their first meeting, at Taj Mahal, to going for the African Safari at a later stage of their relationship, the song reveals all.” The makers wanted to make the movie realistic, so, they even shot at real locations which have relevance in Dhoni’s life. How’s that for being voyeuristic?


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